About Outaw Bass

       Outlaw Bass was started in 2017.  It was started as a Bass Club with boat numbers ranging from 10 to 15 teams. We fished most local lakes and the river (Delta). The goal was to have a group of guys that could fish competitively on a monthly schedule, and have a TOC at the end of the year. Every year the club had growth of maybe 2 to 5 new teams but unfortunately some teams would move on to fish the bigger circuits. So overall the numbers stayed about the same for the last few years. In 2020 we still hadn't reached the goal of 20 to 30 teams consistently so we decided to make some changes for 2021. We got  together and came up with a Board Of Directors that will make all the decisions for Outlaw Bass moving forward.

We have renamed the club to Outlaw Bass Team Tournaments.

We will still have the club atmosphere without all the club opinions.

We will have the best payouts of any tournaments out there. We want to keep the boat count to 30 boats, this will make our field semi small with great payouts.

The board does not keep any money for running Outlaw Bass, we all do this for the enjoyment of fishing every month, meeting new people and having a good time.


We want a tournament setting for the weekend warrior, and Amateur fisherman to come fish tournaments on the most even playing field available. We want every team to feel they have a chance to win. Please read our rules and membership requirements. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Our contact numbers are on the contact page. I can also be reached on the Outlaw Bass Club Facebook page, or on Facebook messenger (Troy Shiffer).

We hope everyone enjoys what we have to offer for Amateur Tournament Fishing.